Hot News About Citrix in 2021-2022: What are you supposed to know?

Citrix is a leading software company in cloud computing and virtualization technology. Citrix is known for providing professional services such as workspace, security, app delivery, or other services. It also offers a wide range of solutions, including Unified Endpoint Management and digital workspaces, SDWAN, secure access, analytics, among others, to help organizations follow a better way to work from anywhere and on any device. Citrix is a popular company in many industries, including manufacturing, finance, education, retail, and healthcare.
Citrix Digital Workspace is a renowned integrated tech framework that delivers and operates data, apps, and desktop delivery. This digital workspace offers employees the best conditions for fast, secure, and easy work. It includes components such as file sharing, content collaboration and file sharing. It allows employees to access their data and apps from any device and location, regardless of which cloud platform (Azure AWS, Google Cloud, or Google Cloud) they are stored. Citrix Virtual Desktops and Apps allows you to choose the environment that best suits your business (cloud, hybrid, or on-premises) to run it.
Good news!
Citrix and Microsoft have partnered since July 2020. Their goal to reimagine flexible workspaces has been realized. Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktop will now support Microsoft Windows Server 2022, which was released in September 2021. Citrix administrators now have the flexibility to host their infrastructure in both cloud-based and onprem environments, including Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop. You also get automatic updates and new features with the new server OS.
Citrix released Virtual Apps and Desktops 2021 in September 2021. It includes HDX improvements and new server OS support. Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops 7 2109 has impacted several core components and Windows VSAs. You can now upgrade and install a site, as well as upgrade and install VDAs in an already existing site. This release is compatible with VDAs from 7.9 or later. This cloud release is compatible with both Windows 10 OS as well as Windows 11. Version 2109 also includes the following enhancements: adaptive audio, virtual layout on the VDA and virtual channel security update.
Linux users will also love working with new features such as virtual display layouts, HDX session sharing, Connection Quality Indicator(CQI), RHEL 8.4 support, CentOS 8 (2015) support and smart card support for Debian OS.
What’s new with Citrix Virtual Desktops and Apps?
According to the Citrix Pulse survey, 99% of IT executives plan to move some or all of their systems to the cloud. 74% prefer a hybrid architecture. This survey was completed by 200 people. This demonstrates the growing popularity of cloud computing in business. Citrix has added more capabilities to its cloud service Citrix virtual apps and desktops, and focuses more on productivity when deploying hybrid-cloud environments.
Citrix introduced service continuity this year to improve cloud availability and resilience. This allows users to access virtual applications as well as desktop resources in the event of a Citrix Workspace or cloud delivery controller outage. Service continuity is now available on Windows and Mac computers, as well as Linux and Microsoft Edge browsers. Citrix Workspace app 2109 and browser extensions are also available.
Another feature is the premium service in Citrix Virtual apps and Desktops. Historical trends can now be compared to the 90-day period.
Citrix Virtual apps and Desktops cloud services now have new features that increase the value of your deployments. Customers can save time when migrating from the on-prem to cloud with automated configuration tool updates. Studio now offers restart scheduling. Administrators can set the time and date for Studio’s restart. The last feature of this cloud service is Azure AD Admin group Support. This allows customers who are part of the AAD group to access Citrix Virtual Apps or Desktops service, instead of separate management in Citrix Cloud.
Azure gets new Citrix features
Citrix Virtual apps and Citrix Desktops have seen more benefits through the collaboration between Citrix, Microsoft Azure, and Citrix. A preview of PVS (Citrix Provis) is available to accelerate the transition to cloud computing.