CompTIA Security+, Network+, CompTIA A+: Why Cyber Security Professionals Need all Three?

CompTIA A+ Certificate
CompTIA’s most basic certificate, A+, is offered to all. It is designed to prepare you for entry-level positions in the IT industry. CompTIA A+ certification will teach you the following skills:
Connecting hardware devices: Identifying, using and connecting

Configuring operating systems such Windows, Mac OS, and iOS.

Troubleshooting software

Troubleshooting hardware and network issues

Devices that protect against vulnerabilities are protected with security settings

Different types of networks and connections

Configuring mobile devices and laptops

Virtualization and cloud computing

Operational procedures for best environmental impacts

You will need to pass two core exams in order to be eligible for the A+ certification. The certificate is valid up to three years, and can be renewed through CompTIA’s education program.
This certificate can lead to a variety of jobs, including service desk analyst, help desk technician and data support technician.
CompTIA Network+ Certificate
CompTIA Network+ is a certification that helps you to build a career as an IT infrastructure professional. It covers troubleshooting and configuring networks, as well managing them. You can get the Network+ certification.
Create and implement functional networks

Troubleshoot network issues

To segment network traffic and create strong networks, use routers and switches

Support the creation virtualized networks

Implement standards and protocols for network security.

Learn the strengths and weaknesses in existing network configurations

Configure, maintain, and manage essential network devices

You will be able acquire crucial skills in:
Networking concepts

Network security


Tools and troubleshooting for network problems

Network operations

CompTIA Network+ N10-007 exam certificate is a single one. It is regularly updated to reflect technological changes. The exam fee is US$338. It will cover a variety of critical security concepts, models and best cloud computing practices, as well as newer hardware and virtualization techniques. The exam will have 90 multiple-choice questions with single or multiple answers. The exam lasts 90 minutes.
It is recommended that you take the CompTIA+ certificate before Network+ if you have 9 to 12 months experience in networking. The exam can be taken in English, Spanish or German. You could expect to work as a junior network administrator, help desk technician or junior system engineer, IS consultant, or system engineer.
CompTIA Security+ Certificate
CompTIA Security+ validates and prepares you for a career as a cybersecurity professional. It provides hands-on experience to protect software and hardware. Security+ meets the current demands for skills in risk assessment, management, incident response, and enterprise networks. This ensures high performance on the job.
Security+ SY0-601 is an entry-level certification for cybersecurity professionals. It conforms to ISO 17024 standards.
With the Security+ certification, you will learn the following skills:
Attacks, threats, vulnerabilities, and attacks on the internet based upon newer, custom devices, and socially engineered attacks

Transitions in architecture, design, and hybrid networks

Administration of identity, access management and basic cryptography. Wireless, end-to-end, and wireless security.

Operations and incident response procedures such as threat detection, mitigation techniques, security controls and basic digital forensics.

Governance, risk management and compliance to various regulations

After you have completed the Security+ certificate, you will be able to get a job as a security administrator, systems administrator or network/cloud engineer, DevOps/software development, IT project manager, etc.
Security+ has 90 questions and takes 90 minutes. Multiple-choice questions and performance-based questions are asked. It is recommended that you have a CompTIA Network+ certification before taking the Security+ exam. You also need to have at least 1 to 2 years experience in IT administration with security focus. The certificate expires after 3 years and costs US$370.
Cybersecurity Career Opportunities
CompTIA A+ is one the three foundational certificates required to get into the IT industry, particularly cybersecurity. CompTIA A+ candidates are able to troubleshoot and resolve various issues, from security and operating systems to networking.
The Security+ certificate can be used to enter the cybersecurity field. It prepares you for monitoring and securing hybrid environments, identifying, analysing and responding to security incidents, operating with the awareness laws and policies, assessing an organization’s cybersecurity posture, and implementing solutions.
CompTIA Network+ certifications prove that you have the required infrastructure and networking knowledge to enter the IT industry.