How important is it for professionals to have empathy?

Theodore was watching his favorite act, the high wire, from the grandstand at circus in the early 1900s. Theodore was fascinated by more than the physical skills of the acrobats. He was also intrigued by their steely nerves. He was fascinated at the way he felt watching them. His body began to tense. His insides … Read more

What is the importance of a degree to a career in AWS

Are you interested in a career with Amazon Web Services (AWS). It’s a good choice. Good choice. The IT sector is chronically under-staffed. Technological advancements and adoption mean that jobs in the cloud sector are creating faster than businesses can fill them. This puts businesses in a difficult position and forces them to compete for … Read more

Agile Business Resilience

Given the recent events, it is understandable that organisations are trying to improve their business resilience by expanding remote work and giving more employees secure access IT services from home or in third-party environments. Although current circumstances may seem unusual, this is an opportunity to evaluate how your organization might respond to future disruptive events, … Read more

Agile 2: A New Model for Embracing Asynchronous Communication and Remote Work

Agile purists often recommend that everyone in a team should sit together whenever possible to maximize collaboration. One reason is that “osmotic communication” will occur. People will hear things and have important awareness of what is happening. Although it may seem accidental, such communication can accumulate and it can be very important. Another reason is … Read more

Project Management & PMOs: Achieving Resiliency and Sustainability

In this unprecedented time of building resilient, sustainable, and scalable systems, the role of Project Managers is becoming more important than ever. Resiliency is a key aspect to providing continuous value and services, even when unanticipated events occur. It involves recovering quickly from setbacks and returning to normal. Frameworks and practices for adaptable and predictable … Read more

A Handbook Of Radical Inflation-Fighting Efforts (Mostly Failed)

More governments are looking for ways to stop inflation from causing economic trouble and even public unrest, without raising interest rates. As the examples below illustrate, past attempts at reining in rising prices without increasing borrowing costs have often failed. TURKEY Turkey has spent years reducing rates, only to raise them again when the lira … Read more

A glimpse into the Dark Web

Richard Beck, Head, Cyber Security at QA, states that PMs need to be able to understand the dark side of digital. The World Wide Web could contain between two and 20 trillion pages. Google indexes 50 Billion webpages every day in 2014, which is less that 2.5% of the total. The Surface Web is any … Read more