AWS EC2 Network Features

EC2 Network Features EC2 Network offers many features such as low latency, high performance computing, enhanced networking, and more. VPC and EC2 All EC2 instance types are possible to be launched from a VPC The instance types C4, M4 &T2 can only be launched in VPC and not in EC2-Classic. These are the benefits of … Read more

AWS EC2 Network – Enhanced Networking

EC2 EnhancedNetworking Enhanced networking results are higher bandwidth, higher packet speed (PPS), lower latency, consistency and lower jitter. EC2 offers enhanced networking capabilities by using single root I/O virtualization, (SR-IOV), only on supported instance typesSRIOV is a method for device virtualization that provides higher I/O performance while reducing CPU utilization. Amazon Linux AMIs, and Windows … Read more

AWS EC2 Monitoring

EC2 Monitoring Status Checks Status monitoring allows you to quickly determine if EC2 has detected any problems which might prevent instances running applications. EC2 runs automated checks on each running instance of EC2 to identify hardware or software problems. Every minute, status checks are done. Each returns a pass or fail status. If all checks … Read more

AWS EC2 Instance Types

Types of EC2 Instance The hardware of the host computer that is used to run the instance is determined by the EC2 Instance type. Different EC2 instance types offer different compute and memory & storage capabilities. They are grouped into instance families based upon these capabilities EC2 provides every instance with a predictable and consistent … Read more

AWS EC2 Instance Store

EC2 Instance Store An instance store is temporary or Ephemeral block level storage that can be used to store an EC2 instance. Storage for instance is located on disks that are physically attached the host computer. Instance store is ideal to temporarily store information that changes frequently, such buffers, caches and scratch data, or data … Read more

Microsoft ISSAN and Microsoft collaborate to raise cybersecurity awareness

Microsoft ISSAN and Microsoft collaborate to raise cybersecurity awareness Microsoft Nigeria has urged individuals and organisations to pay attention to cyber security in the face global cyber threats. This call was made at a Cyber Security Summit, organized by Microsoft and Information Security Society of Africa Nigerian (ISAAN), at Eko Hotel & Suites, Lagos. President … Read more

Microsoft Intune for Real Life – Get 4 Free

Microsoft Intune for Real Life As you all know, I was one of the very few who had access to Windows Intune’s Beta program. Since Microsoft Management Summit 2011 (Las Vegas), I have proudly presented how Intune can benefit you. TechEd was attended by the IT PRO’s. The feedback was incredible. All feedback regarding improvements … Read more

Microsoft Ignite 2016

Microsoft Ignite I am proud to have been a part of Microsoft Ignite again this year. This is an event that I have been part of since 2007 (as a speaker and technical expert). 2016 will see me delivering 2 Breakout sessions as Futured speaker. As in the past few years, Raymond Comvalious, a good … Read more

Microsoft Digital Evolution Forum 17- Ukraine (Free to Register)

Microsoft Digital Evolution Forum – To all my Ukrainian friends: Don’t miss the “Microsoft Digital Evolution Forum”, where I will be the Keynote Speaker and also lead the CEO Track, discussing the importance of Cybersecurity What is the Microsoft Digital Evolution Forum? More than 800 business executives from both Ukraine and abroad will meet to … Read more