Cisco CCNA Routing & Switching Certification Skills are Used in Network Engineers’ Daily Tasks

Network engineers are responsible for installing, servicing, and repairing computers data and communication systems. The CCNA Routing and Switching credential consists of a few common skills that are essential to network engineers’ optimal performance. These skills include communication, organizational, troubleshooting and analytical skills, as well as customer service skills. A professional network engineer can also … Read more

Hot News About Citrix in 2021-2022: What are you supposed to know?

Citrix is a leading software company in cloud computing and virtualization technology. Citrix is known for providing professional services such as workspace, security, app delivery, or other services. It also offers a wide range of solutions, including Unified Endpoint Management and digital workspaces, SDWAN, secure access, analytics, among others, to help organizations follow a better … Read more

CompTIA Certifications: A+ vs. Linux+

CompTIA A+ certificate holders have a proven track record of solving problems in the IT industry. They can work with cloud, security, data management, and other technologies. A+ is a standard certification that can be used to get a job in an entry-level position within the IT industry. This certificate is based on performance and … Read more

CompTIA CASP+ – An In-Demand Certificate for Cybersecurity Professionals

Businesses of all sizes and industries continue to be at risk from cybersecurity breaches. These cyberattacks are getting more sophisticated and can cause significant damage, increase costs, and create liabilities. There are many certifications available for employee upskilling in cybersecurity. There are many employee upskilling certificates available in cybersecurity. CompTIA CASP+ certification is a highly … Read more

CompTIA A+ vs. security+: What’s the difference and does it matter?

CompTIA offers several certifications such as Network+, Security+ and A+. They are all offered by the same organization but have different purposes and provide you with a particular set of skills. Network+ only covers networking topics, while A+ covers more topics. CompTIA certifications can be divided into four categories: core certifications and infrastructure certifications. Before … Read more

CompTIA A+ vs. network+: Why it’s important to know the difference?

What is CompTIA+? CompTIA is an organization that offers vendor-neutral IT certifications. It assists professionals and individuals to excel in IT. CompTIA has issued approximately 2 million certificates to date. CompTIA has created training and certifications in computing support, security, open source development, cloud, mobility, and networking. CompTIA will ensure that you are prepared to … Read more

CompTIA Security+, Network+, CompTIA A+: Why Cyber Security Professionals Need all Three?

CompTIA A+ Certificate CompTIA’s most basic certificate, A+, is offered to all. It is designed to prepare you for entry-level positions in the IT industry. CompTIA A+ certification will teach you the following skills: Connecting hardware devices: Identifying, using and connecting Configuring operating systems such Windows, Mac OS, and iOS. Troubleshooting software Troubleshooting hardware and … Read more

Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator: A Guide to Get Started

The rise of cybercrimes beyond computers and the evolution of cybersecurity has made it essential to employ a Digital Forensics expert within an organization. It is crucial to not only trace hackers who are behind an attack, but also to prevent future attacks. It is essential to understand the potential threats and how to address … Read more

A guide on how to get started in digital forensics with CHFI Certification

The Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator certification (CHFI) provides digital forensics’ security domain with a vendor-neutral outlook. The CHFI certification covers a wide range of forensic investigation scenarios. This certification gives applicants the opportunity to gain essential hands-on experience in a variety of forensic investigation capabilities as well as standard forensic tools that are required to … Read more

A Comprehensive Guide to Microsoft SC-300 Certification Exam Preparation

Microsoft offers the SC-300 exam for Microsoft Identity and Access Administrator. The Microsoft SC-300 certification exam assesses the applicant’s ability to perform technical tasks such as implementing an identity management solution, acquiring app access management, planning and executing an identity governance strategy, and so forth. Microsoft SC-300 Certification Exam Details Exam Name: Microsoft Identity and … Read more