The Complete Guide to the Army Credentialing Assistance Program (CA)

The U.S. Army offers many avenues for upskilling its soldiers to enhance their work quality and support their professional development. The Army Credentialing Assistance Program (CA) is a voluntary program that provides education and training to assist soldiers in obtaining and maintaining industry certifications. The Army CA program assists soldiers in their career advancement and in transitioning into civilian work after their Army tenure.
NetCom Learning is an authorized training vendor for the Army Credentialing Assistance program (Army CA). Learners have the option to choose from a variety of technology skills, learn from qualified instructors, and can obtain high-demand credentials that will allow them to grow their IT careers.
This blog covers everything you need to know about the Army CA program.
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What is Army Credentialing Assistance (CA), Program?
Army CA provides financial assistance up to $4,000 for soldiers who are part of the Active Duty Army, Army Reserve or National Guard. This allows them to pursue online career training to earn Army COOL (Credentialing Opportunities Online) listed certifications. This allows them to improve their skills in their current MOS or a career that they are interested in when they leave the military. The Army CA program helps soldiers to rebuild their careers in civilian work after their Army tenure ends. It is funded by the Department of Defense.
The funds will be used to cover the credentialing costs for classroom, hands on, online/blended training and study guides, materials, textbooks, fees and exams.
NetCom Learning offers over 4,000 courses from top vendors like AWS, CompTIA and Microsoft. There are many benefits to the program, including:
Instructor-led, hands-on training and self-paced, e-Learning

All course materials, books, and labs

Exam prep software (6 Months of Online Access)

Exam voucher (plus a complimentary repeat voucher if necessary)

Who is eligible for the Army Credentialing Assistance Program (CA)?
If they meet the criteria below, US Army soldiers can be eligible for Army CA funding.
They must meet the Federal Tuition Assistance (TA), eligibility requirements.

They should not be flagged according to AR 600-8-2.

They shouldn’t be ROTC scholarship cadets or Green to Gold ROTC program students.

Soldiers must have enough time to complete their credentials before they are allowed to leave the Army.

Soldiers can take up the Army CA program starting at:
Regular Army

Active Guard/Reserve (AGR), pursuant to Title 10 & Title 32

U.S. Army Reserve (USAR).

Army National Guard (ARNG), in active drilling status, who have a satisfactory designation.

Army officers who have completed the Basic Officer Leader Course, enlisted, warrant officers and officers are eligible for the Army CA program.
Benefits of the Army Credentialing Assistance Program
Soldiers greatly benefit from the Army CA program. They can choose their MOS (Military Occupational Specialties), and their credentials can be completely different. This allows them to improve their aptitude and make themselves suitable for various positions once they leave the Army.
The Army CA program has many benefits:
A valid credential or license can help soldiers to enhance their civilian or military careers.

Financial assistance is available up to $4000 per annum for qualified Soldiers

These benefits can be used by soldiers to pay for all books, supplies, manuals, and other costs related to the approved training course.

Enhances MOS proficiency.

Hones Soldiers’ competence, and develops their career path.

How do I enroll in the Army Credentialing Assistance Program (CA)?
To enroll in the Army CA program, soldiers can follow a four step process.
Any credential listed in Army COOL that is related to their MOS or AOC or ASI can be selected by learners simultaneously or sequentially. It must not exceed the TA/CA budget year limit of $4000.

The next step is to learn the requirements of the credential once the learner has made a shortlist.

After selecting a credential to be awarded, the learner must complete a CA request via ArmyIgnited.

The final step is to pass the exam and enroll in the approved course. Learners will receive the required course materials.

< What are the most popular courses offered by the Army CA? All courses approved by the military are included in the Army COOL List. We have highlighted the most popular credentials on Army COOL.