The Best PRINCE2 Exam Simulators

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I can recall studying for my PRINCE2(r), exam and taking lots of mock tests and sample papers. They were all written back then. Learning to manage time and deal with the different types of questions was as important as knowing how to use the manual.
Online exam simulators are the best way to prepare for PRINCE2 (r) certification. They simulate what you’ll see on your big day.

Important Features of the PRINCE2(r), Exam Simulator
PRINCE2(r), Foundation Exam Simulator
PRINCE2(r) Practitioner Exam Simulator
How simulators work
How to use them in your studies

TL;DR – The exam simulators that I recommend are from Management Plaza. This is an AXELOS-accredited training organization that specializes on PRINCE2 (r) training materials and is led by Frank Turley, a project management trainer.
Important Features of the PRINCE2(r), Exam Simulator
Although there aren’t many PRINCE2 (r) simulators available, it is worth taking the time to make a wise decision. These are some considerations to make when selecting an exam simulator for your PRINCE2 (r) test.
Completely updated to the most recent PRINCE2(r), materials (obviously).
Each question has a detailed explanation so you know what to revise next.
Many questions to test your knowledge and track your progress
Price: The exam fee and training are expensive enough without having the need to spend a lot on additional study materials.

PRINCE2(r), Foundation Exam Simulator
Although the Foundation exam is difficult, it is not impossible. This exam tests your knowledge of PRINCE2 (r) to a level that allows you to work as or with a member of a project team in a PRINCE2 (r) environment. The exam will not be too difficult if you are familiar with the manual. However, I know of people who failed the exam because they were overwhelmed by the exam experience.
(Yes, I do know someone who has failed the Foundation!
Exam preparation is essential at all levels. Don’t think the Foundation is difficult because panic can set in. It is a good idea to take a few practice exams to prepare for the real thing.
Demo version of the Foundation Simulator: Sample exam question
It is easy to see which topics you need to review.
Foundation level exams are:
Multiple choices
60 questions
33 marks are required (so a pass score of 55%)
60 minutes long
Closed book – No notes allowed!

The Foundation mock exam simulator mirrors that. You’ll need to be aware of not looking at your notes, but you’ll get the exact same exam experience as in the real thing. It’s a true test of your ability to complete the exam in the given time.
Here are my results from the Foundation demo. Management Plaza offers a free trial of their simulator, which allows you to complete 12 questions in just 12 minutes. This is enough to get a feel for the format and style used in the mock PRINCE2 Foundation exam. The free trial allows you to test the questions. I managed 83%, can your score be better? It’s a great way to determine if this product is right for you.
Are you interested in online courses? You can find our how-to here for help in choosing the right PRINCE2 (r) course.
PRINCE2(r), Foundation Exam SimulatorPS34A confidence-boosting collection of mock exam questions to help you prepare for the PRINCE2 (r) Foundation exam in realistic testing conditions
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The Practitioner Exam is for project managers. You must meet certain educational requirements before you can take it. It is easiest to get the Foundation certificate.