The Best PMP Exam Simulators 2022

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Here’s the bottom line: The Project Management PrepCast PM Exam Simulator is the best PMP exam simulation.
It has been used by me and I can vouch for its quality. If I was you, I would buy it.
You can read my independent reviews to find out why this is my top choice and other options.

Summary of features
Simulator for PM Exam
PM Fast Track
Simulator for Master of Project Academy
BrainBOK Exam Simulator
Brain Sensei PMP Exam Simulator
Simulator buying tips

It shouldn’t surprise you that using an exam simulator to prepare for your Project Management Professional(r exam) exam is a key requirement for success and a huge boost to your chances for success.
Many students who I speak with say that mock questions and practice PMP exams are the best way to feel prepared for the real test.
Let’s take a look at some simulators that can help you do just that.
These popular simulators for the PMP exam are realistic:
PM Exam Simulator (from pm PrepCast
PM Fast Track (from Rita Mulcahy
Simulator for Master of Project Academy
BrainBOK exam simulator
Brain Sensei PMP Exam Simulator

Summary of features
Below is a summary of exam simulator features I looked at.
Product# of questions# of examsFree option available?Explanations provided?PricePM Exam Simulator2,280+5YesYes$149 for 90 daysPM Fast Track2,000+Not specifiedYesYes$299 for 12 monthsMaster of Project Academy1,600+9YesYes$177 lifetime or $57 per monthBrainBOK1,000+6YesYes$89.99 for 90 daysBrain Sensei1,500+Not specifiedNoYes$119.99 for 6 monthsAll simulators had these common features:
Ability to answer questions in a given time frame
Internet-enabled online use
Free questions
Difficult questions (of varying quality)
Answer explanations (of varying quality).

Let’s now get into the details and look at each simulator.
Simulator for PM Exam
2,280+ questions
Number of exams: 5 plus separate questions bank for timed quizzes
Free sample questions available? Yes
Are there any explanations? Yes, all answers are accepted (even the incorrect). Refer to a variety sources.

This exam simulator has the best part: you feel confident using it. This confidence comes from the detailed explanations, references and realistic exam environment. It’s not a test tool but a learning tool.
Each answer, even the wrong ones, is explained so that you understand exactly what went wrong and why.
This is the key to great PMP exam preparation. It doesn’t suffice to know that you got the wrong answer. You must also understand why you got it and where you can find more information.
It also has hints so if you feel you are close to the answer but need some help, tap the hint button to get a clue.
It also offers amazing analytics. You can see where you are by comparing anonymized responses from all users. You can track your progress and see your personal journey. You can also drill down into specific topics and domains to make the most of your time studying.
Why waste your time learning something you already know well?
Subscriptions are available for 3-months. You can choose when the clock starts, so don’t worry if you buy it in advance and wait until you are ready.
The PM Exam Simulator has the most practice questions out of all the products I reviewed, and it includes EVM questions.
You can extend your subscription at any time, but the main goal is to get you ready for the exam in the shortest time possible and maximize your chances of success the first time. We are hopeful that you won’t have to extend your access.
There are many Google reviews and case studies of satisfied students. That’s a lot for me.
They have all