Smartsheet vs Wrike: Comparison and Reviews for 2022

Smartsheet and Wrike have been voted the best project management software due to their many features. While they share many similarities, there are key differences that make Wrike and Smartsheet different. This article will explain the similarities and differences between Smartsheet & Wrike, so you can better appreciate what they have to offer.
My goal is to help you decide if Smartsheet or Wrike is the right project management tool for you and your company.
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Expert Summary: Smartsheet Vs Wrike
Smartsheet and Wrike project management software offer workflow automation, task management, file sharing, workflow automation, and workflow automation. These project management tools offer a variety of project view views (Gantt and calendar, list, Kanban), easy reporting and analytics functions, as well as customizable dashboards for KPI measurements. Smartsheet and Wrike allow users to integrate third-party apps and programs, including Trello, Excel and Evernote.
Smartsheet is best for professional service companies due to its flexibility and ability to address a variety of industry niche use cases.
Wrike is best for small and mid-sized businesses, as even the freemium plan allows unlimited users.
Comparison of Wrike and Smartsheet
Monitor key performance metrics (KPIs), and display data in tables or graphs. You can easily adapt any dashboard to display live data and charts. Smartsheet is a project management SaaS platform. It allows users to automate work and focus on other tasks. Smartsheet is fully customizable. Smartsheet allows you to modify any part of every workflow, spreadsheet, or project funnel with a little tech-savvy (or the help of Smartsheet’s customer support team). This project management tool allows users to integrate third party programs such as Adobe CC and Microsoft Teams.
Smartsheet does not offer a free plan.
Trial: 30-day free trial
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Gantt charts are flexible, drag-and drop Gantt charts that help you visualize task deadlines, dependencies, and dependencies. Wrike is a project manager software that allows users to manage their resource, portfolio, task, and task management tools. These are displayed on visually appealing dashboards, reports, and reports that keep all stakeholders informed. Wrike can be used by team members to share ideas and plan projects. It also offers in-app comments, user tagging and an approvals/proofing feature. Wrike offers a wide range of native and third-party apps that can be used to complete tasks, manage KPIs and generate reports.
Wrike offers a free plan that allows unlimited users and allows for up to 2GB storage per account.
Price:$9.80 per user per month
14-day trial
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Comparison Criteria for Smartsheet vs. Wrike
In order to make an objective comparison between Smartsheet & Wrike, there were a few factors that I took into consideration. These are the criteria that I used to create this article.

Feature list
What do you get and what do not you get?
Use cases
What are the most efficient use cases for this feature?
Use it quickly
Is it easy for me to master and learn?
Is it easy for other tools to be connected?
Customer support
Are you able to get help quickly and easily?
How appropriate is the tool’s price?
Differences between Wrike and Smartsheet
Smartsheet’s business plan is unlimited in number.