Project Management Career Tips

Recently, I spoke with Anna from Women in PM Network on Clubhouse to discuss career tips in project management. These are the notes of that conversation.
What do you think about the Google certification?
Wendy @woshifodunrin inquired about the Google certification. Anna recommends it. Lydiah @lkimberly1 shared her experience with the course and was also positive about it.
How do you get a job in the technology industry?
Anna: Make sure you network and reach out to people who are in these roles to get their advice on how to get the job.
Elizabeth: Keep up-to-date with industry news and read the industry press.
How did you get started helping people find their dream jobs?
Anna explained that her motivation to help others was based on her own experiences. Anna took a job without negotiation of the salary and ended up earning less than her coworkers despite having more responsibility and training them.
She decided to change her career and search for a new job five years ago. She failed her first few interviews, but she found a mentor who helped her get a new job. She eventually improved her interviewing skills and began to help others get jobs.
What is the most important skill you have developed to get a job?
Lydiah said that communication was her favorite skill. You will be able to communicate your transferability and position yourself. You can also explain that you have experience in a different field.
How can I show off my transferable skills
Jane @janeyboo stated that it was difficult for her to demonstrate her transferable skills, and that the examples she gives at interviews don’t really show what she can do.
Anna suggested that achievements be quantified, e.g. Delivering on time or within budget. This is important because anyone can claim to have led a project. Use concrete examples. Interviewers want to see concrete examples of how you can make them money or improve their processes, according to Anna. The good news is that interviewers are looking for people with potential to help them. It is important to stand out in interviews and be different than other candidates. Your metrics will help you stand out from the rest. When working on a specific project, use action verbs.
Interviewers want to see if you can make money, improve processes, and so forth.
Anna from Women in PM NetworkAnna outlined the STAR method: The situation, task, action, and result. She then told it as a story.
Elizabeth stated that it is important to tailor your application for each job.
Kat suggested that you reach out to the HR manager and see if it is possible to build a relationship.
Anna suggested that you send a note to people you connect with on LinkedIn. She suggested that half of your connections should be recruiters when you are looking for work. This will allow you to see the job postings.
What is the biggest mistake people make when using applications?
Failure to quantify. Anna stated that it is important to tailor your application. You should clearly state the impact you have made and the metrics related to your project.
Here’s a quick tip to help you get a job as a project manager.
John Ayers shared a tip in his upcoming book: If you want to be a successful project manager, you must manage risk well, particularly sub-contract risk.
What are the things project managers must do to succeed?
Anna stated communication is key to team alignment and getting everyone on the same page.
Elizabeth stated that stakeholder engagement is important because so much of what happens on projects is about teamwork.
What is your opinion on earned value?
John @jon1946 stated that earned value could be used on projects where you are working in rolling wave projects.
Mandi @mandivanderpuye stated that monitoring benefits realization would be a better time-spending strategy and help with stakeholder communication, as you are highlighting the benefits being delivered during delivery. Multiple benefits are better than one.