IPSec vs OpenVPN: Cloud+ Encryption Technologies

VPNs. It’s impossible to go anywhere without being told about the importance of a VPN for protecting your data and work. Every tech blog and publication worth their salt will mention the importance of a VPN. It is a requirement that everyone use the VPN when using your laptop outside the office. You might need … Read more

Chuck Keith, our newest trainer, is here

SPOTO’s newest trainer is Chuck Keith, a networking expert. He will initially focus on collaboration topics within the CCNP Collaboration Paths, then move to networking, administration and other IT topics. Chuck’s hiring marks a new generation SPOTO trainers, who have become better SPOTO learners. Chuck was guided by long-standing SPOTO trainers Keith Barker and Jeremy … Read more

Intro to Business Intelligence

Data is everywhere. Every company generates data. It is the key to creating better versions of existing products. It is the guideline a business owner must follow in order to provide a better service. It will give you all the information you need and show you how to do it. These are not exaggerations. We … Read more

How to form a Response Team for Incident Response

Every incident is unique. The response team that is formed will also need to be different. Companies have different needs based on regulatory requirements and the industry they work in. This means that there will not be two incident response teams that are the same. For example, you will have teams that consist of two … Read more

How to Respond to an Incident: A Post-Mortem

A post-mortem security incident is a chance to improve. A good post-mortem will show what went wrong and what went well. Learning from past mistakes is the greatest benefit. It’s also a chance to avoid future mistakes. An incident postmortem is a discussion that brings together people to discuss details of an incident, such as … Read more

Improve Workplace Efficiency: Train Your Users

Organizations can be guided by goals and expectations. It’s equally important to provide employees with the resources they need to succeed. No matter what role they play in the company, training is essential for any user to be successful. Both you and your employer will benefit from investing in end-user training. A well-trained workforce will … Read more

Salesforce Trailhead is all you need, but it’s not enough.

Salesforce Trailhead is amazing. That’s something we can all agree on. It’s robust. Answering questions earns you points. It’s free. However, many companies offer multiple training methods to users as everyone learns differently. This is why Trailhead is not enough to create an effective Salesforce training program. Salesforce training is vital Salesforce training is now … Read more

How to write better PowerShell scripts

Most PowerShell users have had the opportunity to create complex scripts. While we are plodding along, we tend not to think about aesthetics, commenting or writing code in a timely manner. We want to finish the script in every circumstance, so we can continue with our day or night. Most PowerShell scripters are unaware that … Read more

How to create a simple ping test with PowerShell

PowerShell is an underrated tool. This is despite PowerShell’s ability to create powerful scripting languages and a powerful shell environment. PowerShell can be used in a variety of IT tasks, regardless of the environment. One of these IT tasks is diagnosing the reasons why devices are not connecting to a network, or troubleshooting network problems. … Read more

How to work around VMware Classroom Requirements

Many VMware certifications require that you have a classroom requirement. This can be costly and can run into the thousands. This may seem daunting or prohibitive to some, but don’t let it stop you from pursuing these certs. These requirements can be fulfilled in other ways than taking a class. This post will discuss the … Read more