New Training: Implement DHCP/IPAM in Windows Server

This intermediate training video, which consists of 24 videos, is by SPOTO trainer Keith Barker. It covers the knowledge systems administrators need in order to use Microsoft’s builtin suite tools for IP address management. These tools allow you to manage your IP address infrastructure.
This is the new Microsoft Windows Server training.
Each network does not need a well-managed IP address infrastructure. It does not mean that every network needs one. However, it does mean that the skills required to provide one are more valuable when they are needed. Microsoft offers an integrated suite to manage, deploy, and monitor an IP address infrastructure in Microsoft IP Address Management. This training will show you how much work goes into maintaining lists issued, static IP addresses.
If you are a network administrator and manage static IP addresses with Microsoft Server, it will be valuable to know how to implement the DHCP service and IPAM tool Microsoft has built in.
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Start training. This three-part series covers topics like maintaining an accurate account of IPv4/IPv6 address space usage, planning, allocating address spaces automatically, restricting unauthorized access with RBAC.
You can watch a video from the series here:

This series includes the following skills:
Install and configure DHCP in Windows Server
Windows Server DHCP Management
Keep IPAM in Windows Server

This training covers the following topics:
DHCP Policies
DHCP Options
Troubleshooting and Verification of DHCP Relay
IPAM Overview and Installation
DHCP Super and Multicast Scopes

This training includes:
Training for 6 hours
24 videos

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