New Training: GitHub

SPOTO trainer Trevor Sullivan teaches you how to use GitHub to become a more efficient software developer and maximize your productivity.
This is the new GitHub Training.
This foundational GitHub training prepares you to use GitHub to become a more efficient developer and maximize your productivity.
Today’s software development world is marked by collaboration, collaboration, and maximum efficiency thanks to tools such as Git and GitHub. It’s not an exaggeration for a software developer to consider GitHub an essential tool.
This GitHub training will teach you how to use the cloud-based repository hosting system. You’ll also learn how to make your own gits available to others, and maximize your productivity. This course will help you become familiar with GitHub, which is a prerequisite to many developer positions.
This GitHub training is available to managers who use GitHub products. It can be used for onboarding new software developers, curated in individual or team training plans or as a GitHub reference resource.
This 14-part series will cover topics such as understanding how GitHub can help you develop, accessing repositories, understanding how to use them, and getting into commits and staging.
You can watch a video from the series here:

This series includes the following skills:
GitHub Codespaces: Developing Projects
Introduction to Source Control using GitHub
Introduction to Automation using GitHub Actions
Create a GitHub Actions Workflow to support AWS CloudFormation deployment
Automatically publish container images with GitHub Packages & Actions
Automate Amazon3 Data Migrations using GitHub Actions
Introduction to the GitHub CLI Automation tool
Setting up GitHub Actions Connectivity with Amazon Web Services (AWS).
Terraform Templates can be deployed using GitHub Actions
Execute GitHub Actions Workflows for Self-hosted Runners
Execute the Github Actions Workflows for Self-hosted Runners
Configure automated AWS account cleaning with GitHub actions
Automate GitHub Management using PowerShell and RESTAPIs
Use GitHub Actions to deploy containers on AWS Fargate
Connect GitHub Actions with Amazon VPC with Zero Tier

This training includes:
13 hours of training
78 videos

Learn GitHub today!
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