New Course: CompTIA penTest+ (PT0-002). In this 217-video intermediate-level training, Bob Salmans and Ben Finkel cover the knowledge IT professionals need in order to plan and conduct penetration tests and vulnerability scans. Then analyze the results and make recommendations to improve the results. Finally, they communicate the findings to their team. This new CompTIA Security training is available. Two of the most critical parts of keeping a network secure and safe are vulnerability scans and penetration tests. This PenTest+ training prepares IT and security personnel for how to prepare for and conduct a penetration test. The PenTest+ training teaches you how to analyze the results and create solutions to avoid hostile actors in the future. You’ll also be studying for the CompTIA certification exam. This 33-part series covers topics like planning a successful penetration test, complying with legal and company requirements, and performing vulnerability tests and penetration tests using the right tools and techniques. Watch the video to learn more about CompTIA Security. Download