Microsoft Ignite After Party – Online and Free MSIgnite 2021

Microsoft Ignite After Party
I will host an after party at Microsoft Ignite, and all of you are invited.
Below are the details
When: Wednesday November 3
Via Zoom/Ring Central
Join us: Click here
What is a Microsoft Ignite After Party and what are its benefits?
You can find more information here if you missed this event

Dr Erdal Ozkaya Microsoft IngniteFAQ (Frequently Asked Question)
About Microsoft Ignite after Parties
1. When will Microsoft Ignite take place?
Microsoft Ignite will take place November 2 – 4.
2. What is a Microsoft Ignite After Party and how can you help? What is the After Party?
Microsoft Ignite After Party (or Microsoft Ignite) is a party that takes place after Microsoft Ignite. It’s a watch party with the intention of sharing Microsoft Ignite content, sparking conversations around selected topics, and creating opportunities to dig deeper into the content. It’s also a chance to foster and build relationships within the community. After Parties are held between November and January following the Microsoft Ignite event. MVPs host After Parties.
3. Is it required that the After Party be digital? Can I host a hybrid or in-person model?
When it comes to deciding whether you should host an in-person, hybrid, or digital After Party, we trust your judgment and knowledge about COVID restrictions and guidelines. Microsoft events are all digital at the moment, so we are unable provide additional funding or logistical support to in-person activities.
4. How is this year’s After Party different to Build’s?
You can now invite Microsoft Cloud Advocates (CAs), Community Leads, and other experts to host your Microsoft Ignite After Parties.
Hosting a Microsoft Ignite After Party
5. Is there a set criteria for MVPs/Hosts being selected for an After Party?
MVPs who are passionate about the community and are willing to make a huge commitment are welcome to host an After Party. It can be a wonderful experience to host an After Party for Microsoft Ignite. It is also a huge commitment. These are the three main responsibilities. Below are the tasks of a host.
A great Microsoft After Party is made up of authenticity, diversity, and inclusiveness. As an attendee, think like you would experience it. Encourage community connections and encourage conversations.
Although you may think that you are just replaying Microsoft Ignite sessions as an After Party host, in reality you are responsible for creating a program which sparks discussion and gives you the opportunity to dig into tech topics. It takes a lot of effort and time! You will need to be both the organizer and producer of the After Party!
A successful event will make your audience happy. In this case, it is your After Party. But, as we all know, the devil is in details. Consider the entire journey of your attendee, from the moment they receive the invitations to the minute they join the virtual meet-up. As an attendee, think of their needs as you would.
This is what organizers and producers do:
6. What are the requirements for hosts?
After Party’s purpose is to spark connections and create connections, to dive deeper into tech topics and ultimately encourage skilling of attendees.
This is what organizers and producers do:
7. How can my After Party be different from other After Parties, when there are other parties taking place during the same time period?
Microsoft Ignite After Parties hosts have the ability to customize their programs to suit their audience. You can invite Microsoft Cloud Advocates (CAs), or Community Leads, to share their expertise and to offer a different perspective. This will add value to the conversation as well as your After Part.