Microsoft Ignite 2016

Microsoft Ignite
I am proud to have been a part of Microsoft Ignite again this year. This is an event that I have been part of since 2007 (as a speaker and technical expert). 2016 will see me delivering 2 Breakout sessions as Futured speaker. As in the past few years, Raymond Comvalious, a good friend MVP, will join me as co-speaker. The sessions are as follows:
Advanced Windows Defense
Are you interested in security? Are you interested in protecting your data in the real-world? Learn how Microsoft Windows addresses security as an entire system, layer by layer. Learn how to create a secure baseline, and how to protect your Windows Enterprise architectures from pass-the–hash attacks and other advanced threats.
These tricks are still possible with Windows 10, according to Halt hackers
In the last few years, hackers have improved their attacks and can now hack the most secure operating system on the planet. What are the most serious threats to Microsoft Windows 7 and 8? How can Windows 10 fix them? This session will show you how Windows 10 can help protect your computer from outside threats.
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Who will be there? Apart from you, Microsoft Ignite will be home to thousands of IT Professionals and Enterprise Developers from all over the globe. Microsoft business and technical leaders will also be present, including Satya Nadella, Brad Anderson, Joe Belfiore and Dave Campbell. Peggy Johnson, Chris Jones and Julie Larson Green will also be there. Gurdeep Singh Pall and many other attendees. You’ll have access to the most talented minds in the industry and will receive practical guidance, inspiration, as well as insights to help you launch your next project.
What is MS Ignite?
What will you learn? Microsoft Ignite will bring together all the best of previous conferences: Microsoft Management Summit, Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint and Lync conferences. If you have attended any of these events before and are looking for more, then you will understand why we decided to combine these legacy events into one. Microsoft Ignite will provide hundreds of sessions, labs, training, certification opportunities, as well as direct access to Microsoft engineers, execs, and other executives.
There’s no confusion: Microsoft Management Summit + Microsoft Exchange Conference+ SharePoint Conference + Lync Conference+ Project Conference + TechEd = Microsoft Ignite
The first batch of session content has been released. It covers Architecture, Deployment and Implementation, Migration, Development, Operations and Management, Security, Access Management, Compliance, Usage and Adoption. You can see them at Sessions. Stay tuned for the complete list of sessions in January.
Why Ignite? We will bring together education, vision, guidance and support for all of our enterprise solutions. This is the first time we have done so. We can combine individual Microsoft conferences to cover everything, including cloud infrastructure and management, big-data and analytics, productivity and unified communications, operating system, mobile devices and more. You’ll also have access to experts and others you haven’t yet met. We are changing the definition of what an enterprise Microsoft tech conference is and does. It will be one place where you can ignite the fires for your company, your team, and your career.