Interview Questions and Answers for Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH).

The EC-Council CEH, or Certified Hacker Program, is the most respected certification for IT security professionals. Accredited courses make you an ethical hacker and can help you find loopholes in an IT security system. These are some of the questions you might face in your recruitment process after you have received the CEH training certificate.
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Q1: What is ethical hacking?
Ans- Hacking is a method of identifying potential threats in a computer network or system by a company or individual after obtaining permission from the owner. These issues and problems can be fixed later and security is improved.
Q2: Can you name the different types of ethical hackers?
Ans- There are four types of ethical hackers. These are:
Certified ethical hacker
White box penetration tester
Black box penetration tester
Cyber warrior or Grey box hacker?
Q3: How can you define footprinting? What are the different techniques that can be used for it?
Ans-Footprinting is the process by which an ethical hacker gathers more information about a target network without actually interacting with it. This is before he or her actually does a pen test. The same approach is used by an unethical hacker. There are several techniques that can be used to track someone’s footprints.
Network enumeration: Identification and use of domain names and clocks to identify the network clocks.
Open-source footprinting is a technique that allows you to gain the contact information of an administrator. This information would be used to guess your password.
Scanning: Once the hacker has scanned the IT network, he or she attempts to configure any IP addresses that are found on it.
Stack fingerprinting: This is the final step in penetration after scanning has revealed the ports and hosts.
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Q4: Can you tell the difference between a Mac and an Internet Address?
Ans- All networks are assigned a unique number. This is known as the MAC (machine access control address). This address is your personal mail box on the Internet. It is identified by the network router. You can also change the number at any time.
Every device has an unique IP address that allows them to be quickly and easily located on any computer or web network. Anyone who knows your unique IP address may contact you via it.
Q5: Name some of the security and other computer related tools used by ethical hackers?
Ans- The tools are included
Wire Shark
John the ripper
Meta Spoilt
Q6: Can You Explain the “Brute force Hack”?
Ans- The Brute force hack is a technique used to hack passwords and penetrate network resources. It is necessary to create wordlists of possible usernames and passwords, and then run it. This technique takes a lot of time.
Q7: Define SQL Injection?
Ans- SQL injection refers to a type of fault that is intentionally created in the application code to steal valuable data from one company or another organization. The SQL-query string is used to inject the content. The result modifies the query syntax in different ways.
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