Infosys Team with AWS to Ease Cloud Migration

Infosys Ltd. has formed a strategic alliance with Amazon Web Services Inc. (AWS) to assist enterprises in making the transition to cloud computing smoother.
Infosys will offer a range of technologies on AWS that will help you achieve this goal. These include workload migration solutions (such SAP and other enterprise workloads), services to modernize legacy and complex mainframe workloads, and data and analytics solutions such as hybrid cloud analytics or analytics as a service.
Infosys stated last week that AWS and Infosys will work together to enable clients to move their enterprise workloads, including mainframes and enterprise resource planning (ERP), to the AWS Cloud. Infosys will also use AWS’s analytics offerings to provide deep, actionable insights that will enable enterprises to gain competitive advantage within their industries. Infosys will assist enterprises in the transition from legacy technologies into the modern, innovative AWS cloud.
Infosys will also be providing an AWS Cloud Center of Excellence that will connect with all the company’s service lines. This center will employ thousands of AWS-certified and trained resources to target AWS’ services.
Mike Clayville, AWS executive, stated that AWS works with many large, complex enterprises looking to transform their businesses by leveraging AWS Cloud. Infosys’ strategic collaboration will accelerate the migration of these organizations’ legacy workloads to the cloud, allowing them to quickly achieve the agility benefits associated with moving to AWS. Customers will now have easier access to innovative cloud computing solutions that can transform and modernize enterprises.