How can I prepare for the Splunk Enterprise Security Certified Administrator Exam?

Splunk Enterprise Security Certified Admin Examination forms part of the Splunk certifications. It is responsible for managing a Splunk Enterprise Security environment. This includes ES event processing, normalization, deployment requirements and technology add-ons. The Splunk software is becoming more popular due to its increasing technology. This Splunk certification will help you achieve your goals. This certification is quick and easy to obtain. Let’s get started.
The Splunk Enterprise Security Certified Administrator exam demonstrates the candidate’s ability install, configure, manage, and maintain a Splunk Enterprise Security deployment. This certification will help you climb the IT ladder. The final step towards obtaining the Splunk ES Certified Admin certification is the Splunk Enterprise Safety (ES) Certified Admin exam. This exam assesses your knowledge of Splunk Deployment Methodology, best practices for data collection, and sizing. It also tests your ability to manage and troubleshoot a standard distributed distribution with indexer and search-head clustering. It’s not as hard as it sounds.
Now the question is: What are the prerequisite skills? Below is the answer to that question:
Prerequisite Courses Required
You will need to know the following:
Splunk Enterprise System Administration
Splunk Enterprise Data Administration courses
Splunk Cloud Administration course
Splunk Enterprise Security Course
The Administering Splunk Enterprise Security course focuses specifically on Administrators who manage a Splunk Enterprise Security Environment, including ES processing and normalization.
Skills acquired
Now you know the basics of the exam. You might be wondering what knowledge or skills I will acquire. We have listed everything to help you.
Identifying the normal ES use cases
Secondly, we will be looking at the deployment requirements for typical ES installations
Third, knowing how to install ES and gather data for lookups
Next, learn how to set up technology add-ons for inputs
Creating custom correlation searches is the next step.
Configuring ES risk analysis, threat and protocol intelligence
Last but not the least, fine-tuning ES settings.
This certification will open up your career options.
Exam Format
Multiple Choice and Multi-Response questions are randomly assigned for the Splunk Enterprise Certified Architect exam.
Next, you should note that there are 61 questions that must be answered in 57 minutes.
The Salesforce exam costs USD 125 plus any taxes that may be required by local law.
The certification is valid only for three years.
Exam Delivery Options
You can take the Splunk certification exams in one of these two ways:
First, in-person at a Pearson Test Center.
Or at home via online proctoring
Splunk Enterprise Security Certified Administrator Topics
The Splunk Enterprise Security Certification Admin exam covers the following topics.
ES Introduction 5%
Monitoring and Investigation 10%
Security Intelligence 5%
Navigation Control, Glass Tables, Forensics and Navigation Control 10%
ES Deployment 10%
Installation and Configuration 15%
Validating ES Data 10%
Custom Add-ons 5%
Tuning Correlation Researches 10%
Correlation Searches 10%
Lookups and Identity Management 5%
Threat I