How can I prepare for the Blue Prism Solution Designer examination? Blog

Blue Prism recognizes the importance of a high-quality certification program to ensure enterprise RPA delivery. If you are interested in the Blue Prism Solution Designer certification exam, and want to learn more about how to prepare for it, then this page is for you. This page will answer your question about how to prepare for the Blue Prism Solution Designer exam in a smart and efficient manner. Before we get to the preparation tips, let us first review the basics of the exam.
About the Blue Prism Solution Designer Program
The Designing Blue Prism Process Solutions exam (ASD01), tests candidates’ understanding and appreciation of Blue Prism process solutions design principles and techniques. TheSolution Designer is responsible for designing the core building blocks that make up a technicalsolution. This means that the designer creates a modular and flexible design that meets business requirements.
Exam Prerequisites
Before you start your preparations for the exam, it is important to know if there are any prerequisites. This is essentially a condition that must be met before you can move on to the next step.
To register for the Blue Prism’s ASD01 examination, you will need a Blue Prism Portal Account. Second, and most importantly, the AD01 exam must be passed in order to become a Blue Prism Certified developer.
It is also expected that the candidate has strong experience in designing process solutions to Blue Prism.
Blue Prism Solution Designer Exam Details
Let’s quickly get into the details of the Blue Prism Solution Designer exam.
The Designing Blue Prism Process Solutions exam (ASD01), includes both detailed scenarios and short questions. Multiple responses are required for each question. Each correct answer is worth one point. The first five questions are scenario-based and award double points. These five questions make up 40% of the total marks. They should take around 25 minutes to complete.
Exam CodeASD01Number of Questions27Exam Duration60 MinutesExam FormatMultiple-Choice questionsPre-requisiteNonePassing Score70%Exam FeesUS$150You can refer to the online tutorial on the same for more information.
Learning Objectives
Below is a description of the course for Blue Prism Solution Designer. These are the learning objectives one will attain upon completing the certification.
First, designing for unattended automation (Refer: Understanding Enterprise RPA).
Sub-processes, wrapper objects (Refer: Wrap repeatedly).
Next, recoveryability and scalability. (Refer to Understanding RPA Scalability).
Object design (Reference: Object Layer)
Next, case management (Refer: Technology Alliance Program).
Moreover, workload management (Reference: Workload Management)
Data management is also important.
Web services are at the end (Refer: Web Services).
Blue Prism Solution Designer Exam Study guide
Documented Exam Guidelines
It is recommended that candidates read and understand the following guides from Blue Prism Portal, under the Documents section, in preparation for the exam:
Blue Prism – Solution Design Overview
The second is the Work Queues Guide
Thirdly, Blue Prism User Guide for Web Services or the v6 User Guide for Web Services
Self-study strategy
You can create your own schedule and strategy. This could include daily routines like which topic you will study on which day, how long it will take you to finish a topic or concept, how long you will spend studying each day, and so forth. Your syllabus can be divided into two parts: the first, which is theoretical, and second, which requires hands on training or is conceptual. Break it down.