Five Tips to Re-Energize Your Daily Standup Meetings

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This guest contribution is by Elisa Cepale, who lives and breathes this stuff and knows a lot of fun standup ideas that will make your meetings fly. Elisa, we’re over to you!
Elisa CepaleI facilitate daily standups for our support team. White October’s “scrum” format was my first job. This is where the team meets to share their progress, challenges, and successes. Everyone gives feedback and makes suggestions for unblocking each other.
This article will discuss 5 activities that you can do in your team standup meetings. These activities make scrum fun!
This article:
What’s the point in a daily standup meeting.
What is a standup meeting?
Who attends the daily standup meetings?
How to make your daily scrum or standup meetings more interesting (and more enjoyable)
Activity 1: What made your unhappy yesterday and what makes you happy today?
Activity 2: 360 Degree Appreciation
Activity 3: It’s Monday! What is one positive thing you learned from last week?
Activity 4: What would you do if you were a support ticket?
Activity 5: Send a postcard to a former colleague, describing your day yesterday
The result? It allows you to mix up standup meetings activities
Key Takeaways & TL:DR
Next steps and Agile training

We valued the idea that everyone felt involved and informed. It was important for us to have the opportunity to re-group once a day.
So far so good, right?
But not really. After a few weeks, I realized that my energy levels were not what they should have been for such an innovative and creative agency.
What’s the point in a daily standup meeting.
A daily standup meeting, also known as the daily scrum or daily scrum, is a way to meet and discuss important tasks that are about to be completed or just beginning. It is a way to get everyone on the same page regarding priorities.
You will likely attend standup meetings every single day if you use Agile methods. Even though Agile is not the preferred method of working, some teams still use standup meetings to keep up with each other, especially when it comes to fast-moving projects.
This is just one of many types of project meetings that you will be involved in, but it is an important one.
What is a standup meeting?
The team meets for a brief time each day. You go around the room and each person talks about what they are working on, their accomplishments, and their roadblocks. After the round-the room points have been made, you can add tasks to the ‘parking lot’ for things to talk about.
You can adapt what is discussed in a standing meeting. If you are trying to decide what to say, think about what the team needs to know.
It’s also called a standup because the meeting is held while you are standing up. This allows people to be prompted to do more quickly. It’s good to stand for a while during the day. This makes it easier for people to move around and communicate with one another.
Agile meetings offer many benefits, including the fact that they can be completed quickly.
Some meeting rooms have chairs removed so that you can stand up and not be distracted by a chair. Others teams meet around the whiteboard or Kanban board so that everyone can refer back to it if needed.
Even though it is a brief daily meeting, it can be a great way to keep the team motivated and to break up the monotony.
Who attends the daily standup meetings?
Scrum requires that the development team attends the daily standup meeting.
Agile team roles can be very specific. However, agile teams often have many members who are willing to help each other get the job done. Depending on the structure of your agile team, you might choose to: