Digital Marketing Salary in India, with Future Career Path in 2022

LinkedIn data showed that there were 1.6 Million new digital marketing jobs posted online in 2021. This is a 70% increase over 2019. The top digital marketing skills listed on the platform were SEO, Google Analytics, AdWords, social media planning, content planning and strategy and marketing platform specialisation.Digital marketing is a versatile and dynamic field. As technology advances, so do the opportunities for this field. This has also led to a greater demand for professionals with specialized skills. This also indicates an increase in the number of digital marketing jobs. You can choose from a variety of roles and skills after completing your Digital Marketing training.
There are many factors that influence how much you can earn from a job as a digital marketer.
1. Work Experience
You can earn more if you have been in the digital marketing field for a longer time than a newbie. It’s not about having experience with one platform in the digital marketing field. Every once in a while, new digital channels are created and each one has its own algorithm. You will be restricted in your work scope if you specialize in one area. Clients want to optimise all these platforms. Consider search engine optimization. Your earning potential is limited if you are only a specialist in search engine marketing and optimization. Your earning potential is limited if you only specialize in search engine marketing and optimisation. Credibility
This is an important factor in digital marketing. Your earning potential can be affected by how well-respected you are as a freelancer and full-time employee. Credibility is a measure of your brand’s market value and the reputation that you have earned over the years. You can charge higher rates for your services if you are a well-respected digital marketing professional and can demand a higher salary as an employee while still being a freelancer. This blog can be updated with case studies, ebooks, and articles to make people more familiar with you. You can also connect to industry leaders and influencers in the field that interests you.
3. Geographical Factors
Digital marketing is done online so that you can do a lot of your work remotely. However, your employer’s country will affect how much you are paid. Digital marketing jobs pay hourly while freelancers get a fixed salary. These pay rates vary from one country to the next. The US pays its digital marketers more than any other country. A mid-level US digital marketer will earn $70000, while a professional in Lucknow or Kochi will earn more. A Bangalore-based digital marketer will earn more than someone who works in Lucknow or Kochi at the same level. Titling
Your responsibilities and your salary will increase as you progress in your industry. The highest ranking employees in an organisation earn more than those with lower ranks and titles. Digital marketing managers will earn more than those who are social media managers or SEO executives. They will also be paid more than freelancers who work alone. This is because they are more involved in the decision-making process and can add more value than a freelancer. Result-o