Data Scientist Salary Reports from Around the World

Data is now the driving force behind our lives and how we think. This holds true for both individuals as well as organisations. Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning (ML), and Data Science have seen remarkable growth and expanded into other specialties that allow for many real-life applications. According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics (BLS), data scientist and information research scientist jobs will experience a 14% increase through 2028.
India is second in the world for data science and analytics professionals. It has more than 50,000 data science professionals. It is not uncommon to see a lot of data being generated every day. Global organisations are searching for ways to access, process and analyse this data to gain actionable insights for their business. There is a growing demand for data scientists in large companies, e-commerce businesses, and startups. These companies are willing to pay data professionals and data scientists a high salary today.
Data Scientists – Who are They? And What Do They Do?
Data Science is an inter-disciplinary field. Data Science uses scientific methods, algorithms, and systems to extract insights and knowledge from unstructured and structured data. It is closely related to data mining, machine-learning and big data.
Data scientist is a highly sought-after job title, both for IT professionals and recruiters. Data scientists are data experts who can solve complex data-related problems and insights. They also have the ability to identify and solve new problems on a daily basis. They combine the best of both IT and business. They are experts in trend analysis, computer science, and mathematics.
Prerequisites for becoming a Data Scientist
Are you interested in joining the field of data science and analytics? As long as you meet all the technical and general requirements for the field, there are many roles you can fill.
Understanding algorithms, statistics, mathematics, and machine learning
Programming languages such as R, Python and SQL, SAS, SAS, and Hive
Business knowledge and the ability to ask the right questions
Communication skills are essential to relay the results to your team members and other stakeholders
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Data Science Jobs:

1. Data Scientist
Data science is the application of statistics through programming. R and Python are two of the most popular programming languages for sorting data for specific and generic purposes. In India, Python programmers are paid more than DevOps programmers and software developers for data science. Because of the high volume of consumer data, the demand for data processing and cleaning professionals is increasing rapidly.
Data scientists have the main responsibilities.
Collecting large volumes of structured and unstructured information and generating actionable insights
Identifying data analytics solutions that have the greatest potential to drive organisational growth
Text analytics, machine learning, deeplearning and other analytical techniques are used to analyse data and find patterns.
Encouragement of a data-driven approach for solving complex business problems
2. Data Engineer:
Data engineers are responsible for designing and engineering reliable infrastructures that transform data into formats that can easily be used by data scientists. They create scalable pipelines and channels that convert unstructured and semistructured data into usable formats. They also identify meaningful trends within large datasets.
Data engineers are just as important to an organisation’s success as data scientists. They don’t get the spotlight because they don’t have.