Comparison of Smartsheet and Mavenlink: Reviews & Testimonials for 2022

Mavenlink and Smartsheet are two of the most popular project and resource management software on the market. There are many similarities between them that make it difficult for users to choose between them. This article will take a closer look into the differences and similarities between them so you can choose which project management solution to get.
My goal is to provide you with important information so that when it comes time to sign up for a project management tool, the one that suits your needs best will be known.
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Expert Summary: Smartsheet vs Mavenlink
Smartsheet and Mavenlink, resource management software, have time-tracking, project management and task management capabilities. They can make project completion faster by allowing for issue tracking and real time task monitoring. Smartsheet and Mavenlink encourage team collaboration through their messaging tools, customizable workspaces, and collaborative working environments. To increase productivity, users can integrate third-party applications and programs to both software, such as Asana and Slack, Trello and Jira, Salesforce and Basecamp.
Smartsheet is best for professional service providers as they have a dedicated solution (Smartsheet Professional Services).
Mavenlink is best for managing complex project portfolios that require a robust project accounting suite (built in!) strong business intelligence (BI), capabilities.
Comparison of Mavenlink and Smartsheet
Monitor key performance metrics (KPIs), and display data in tables or graphs. You can easily adapt any dashboard to display live data and charts. Smartsheet is an online project management tool. It allows users to assign tasks and track project progress. Users can also manage calendars to improve workplace productivity. They offer a basic project management tool, but also add-ons for digital asset and skills-based management (Brandfolder). This makes it easy for Smartsheet to create a native suite of Smartsheet tools that can be used by any service provider.
Smartsheet does not offer a free plan.
Trial: 30-day free trial
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To make it easier to build workflows in future projects, you can use the template function. The Mavenlink API can be used to create a common structure for high-frequency projects. You can also pull information such as budgets and timelines, from previous projects, to speed up the planning process. Mavenlink, a resource management tool, can be used to improve project management by allowing team collaboration, file sharing, task management, and team collaboration. Mavenlink uses Gantt charts and Kanban boards to help users visualize their progress and focus on the areas that need improvement. Mavenlink API allows users to create customized programs that can be used to address their unique business needs and improve service delivery.
Mavenlink does not offer a free plan, but prospective users can get a 14-day trial for free.
14-day trial
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Comparison Criteria for Smartsheet vs Mavenlink
While I was comparing Smartsheet to Mavenlink, I also considered their differences and similarities. These are the criteria that I used to create this article.

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