Cisco Network Simulator: Can it Be Used in a Classroom? Part 3 of 3

By Brian Scheibe. Step 5: Use Lab Compiler to create the Lab Pack
Now that you have created the required files (lab file and topology) as well as the optional files (loading/grading configurations), you will need to create the lab file in order to share it with students. This section will explain how to use Lab Compiler to create a lab and export it to share with students.
Click on the Lab Compiler tab. The Custom Lab Packs tab can also be accessed. The Custom Lab Pack database contains the location where your TestLab lab packs will be created.

To create the lab pack, follow these steps. This is the final step before you save your lab.
1. Click Lab Compiler on the Menu Bar and then click New Lab Pack. Type TestLab Lab Pack in the Lab Pack Name field. When prompted, click Save and then OK. Right-click on the Custom Lab Packs tab and select Add New Section. Enter TestLab Section in the Section Name field. When prompted, click Save and then OK.7 Click the Custom Lab Packs tab and click TestLab Section. 8. In the Lab Name field enter TestLab Lab. Optionally, you can also enter a description of your lab in the Description field. Click Add File to navigate to the TestLab folder that you have created on your Desktop. Click Open on the file.

12. Click Add File, select TestLab.xps, and click Open.13 Click on Add File to change the file type from Multi-Device Configur (*.nwc) 14. Click on the Loading.nwc File and click Open.

15. Change the File Type to Loading NCC in the Lab Compiler

16. Click on Add File to change the file type from Multi-Device Configur (*.nwc)17. Click Open to select the Grading.nwc File. Change the File Type to Grading.nwc on the Lab Compiler. Click Save to save the lab.
Once we have created a lab pack, section, and lab, it is time to export it so it can be used for students.
1. Right-click TestLab Lab Pack, and choose Export Lab Pack. You can either use the default TestLab Lab Pack.lpx or a custom name to your lab pack in the Export to Lab Pack Archive dialog box. Click Save.
Although this blog series is quite long, creating a custom lab is easy with a little practice. Once you have saved your lab pack file, you can distribute it and ask students to import it into NetSim. To do this, click on the Custom Lab Packs tab then click Lab > Import Lab Pack in the Menu Bar.
Download the NetSim 8.0 User Manual (PDF) for more information about Boson’s Cisco Network Simulator – NetSim 8.0.
You can download NetSim 8.0 from our Downloads page to test the demo lab.

We would love to answer any questions you may have about NetSim for classroom use or personal use. You can reach us at [email protected] or call us at 877.333.3926.

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