Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH), Certification : A Complete Guide

The CEH (certified ethical hacker) certification is for IT professionals looking to make a career in security. This certification is for those who are interested in a career in system security, network security, server security, web application security, cloud security, mobile security or server security. The CEH professional quickly understands loopholes and vulnerabilities in computer networks or security systems. The professional then uses the information to improve the system. The CEH certified professional who is an ethical hacker may be described as one who thinks like a criminal hacker and finds weaknesses in computers and networks. The goal is to give system and processes more teeth, rather than focusing on security threats. The EC-Council University, a fully accredited institution, is a leading cyber security education center. Its certifications are internationally recognized.
The purpose of the CEH Certification
Multiple issues related to IT security can be solved by a single certification such as CEH. CEH:
Establishes and governs minimum standards for information system security.
Informs and displays that the person has the minimum skills necessary to prevent IT hacks.
It is self-regulating and provides a foundation for ethical hacking.
Exam Schedules for CEH Certification
The CEH exam takes approximately 4 hours to complete and contains around 125 questions. Candidates must answer questions using multiple answers (can choose from many answers).
After the exam is completed, the results of the CEH exam will be available in less than five minutes. The results of the CEH exam are available immediately after the exam is over. You will be able to see the end result and also know which areas you excelled in. After passing the exam successfully, the digital certificate is sent to you within a week. In about a week, the physical certificate will arrive to you. The letter also includes a “welcome” letter that includes you in the IT security family and gives you the title “Certified Ethical hacker”.
Eligibility to become a Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH).
Two ways to be eligible for the CEH course are available.
You must have experience in at least 3 (out of 5) CCISO domains to be eligible for the CEH certification training.
You must show that you have experience with all five CCISO domains if you don’t attend the training.
How to prepare for CEH Certification and Exam
If you have the required experience, you may be eligible to take the CEH exam. After gaining the required experience, you can also pass the EISM exam and apply for CEH certification. The EC-Council Accredited Training Centres can help you prepare for the exam. Training can also be obtained at the iClass platform or at approved institutions. Here are the three ways you can be trained to take the CEH certification exam.
EC-Council Online, Trainer-Led Program
The cost to join the instructor-led, live online training program is $2,895. The online training is available from Monday through Friday between 8 am and 4 pm. Apart from the courseware, you will also have access for 6 months to the online labs. The “certification exam voucher”, and “test preparation program” are two other features of the most expensive CEH program.
Training the Websites for the EC-Council’s clients
EC council offers its clients access to its training website. This allows them to offer training to anyone who requests it. You will find everything you need except the online training sessions offered by EC-Council-certified trainers. Access to online labs, a test preparation program, and a “test pass” guarantee are all included.
Courseware (Self-Learning).