CEH v11 Exam Preparation & Clearance Strategies

Online security is a battleground between two groups – Hackers who are maliciously intent on stealing data and Certified Ethical Hackers who work with organizations to reduce and eliminate these breaches. To become a CEH professional, you need to have a high level of knowledge and an interest in the field. However, an ethical hacking course will equip students with the necessary knowledge to identify security loopholes and offer solutions. There is a lot to do from joining a CEH Certification Course to passing the CEH Certification Exam. Here are our top tips to help you prepare.
Decide which CEH exam you should take – Learn about the different levels of CEH certification to help you choose the best one. The level of education and experience will determine whether you choose the beginner or advanced level. The EC council offers certifications – make sure to check the eligibility requirements on their website before you decide which one to pursue.
Choose the best CEH institution – An online CEH institute is the best way to prepare for any exam. Do not rely on information found on the institute’s website. Read online reviews and get in touch with mentors or tutors to clarify any doubts. Make sure the training center has been certified by the appropriate authorities and institutes.
You can also study by yourself – 2 years experience is required. CEH aspirants who are not interested in joining an institution may opt to self-study. For clarification and answers to complex questions and topics, join forums. These books cover all the topics required to pass the exam. To become an ethical hacker certified, make sure you get the Version 9 study guide and then read it thoroughly.
Establish a schedule – Most students who are seeking CEH certification will already be working full-time. Therefore, it is important to establish a study schedule. However, it is obvious that following the schedule should be a priority. Be realistic when setting the schedule. Take into consideration professional and familial commitments.
Be familiar with the topics. Any study for an ethics hacking course will require knowledge of the topics. All solutions should be applicable and practical in real-life situations. The test is rigorous, with candidates having to answer 125 questions within four hours. It is important to have a solid understanding of the topics and learn how to manage stress and time.
Practice tests – Whether you are self-studying or studying in an institute, both require practice tests that can be completed in a set time. Online CEH practice tests can be found. They will help you identify areas that are not well understood. These exams test you in 52 skill areas and are a great way of identifying your weaknesses.
Recognize your strengths and weaknesses – The more you practice, the greater the chance of weaknesses being highlighted. Join forums to gain clarity and get your doubts answered by instructors at the institute. Remember that the goal is to pass the CEH exam quickly so it is important to have a clear understanding of all concepts.
Ask for help from your colleagues – Most CEH certification applicants are already employed. It is important to inform seniors, colleagues, and coworkers. They can be a tremendous help when it comes to preparing for or appearing for the exam. Remember that they are there to assist you and, if they are CEH certified, can offer their tips for success.
Do not forget to exercise and rest – Although these words may seem difficult to remember, science has shown that a healthy body can solve problems faster and more efficiently.