AWS Security: What You Need To Know. Do you understand how Amazon Web Services (AWS), security works? Before you decide to use AWS you should understand the shared responsibility model and the security AWS expects you to take care of. Many companies are switching to cloud services for many reasons, including IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), SaaS(Software as a Service) and PaaS (“Platform as a Service). Cloud services are cost-effective and more affordable than having another company host and maintain the hardware needed to run these services. Cloud services companies will take care of the cost of servers, hard drives and connectivity to the servers. More companies are offering cloud services to offer their expertise, lower costs, and a variety of services. Learn how to become a security expert. SPOTO Start training. The three largest companies that offer cloud services are Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure. Amazon Web Services was established in 2006 and is used by many businesses of all sizes. It’s a smart idea to learn about Amazon Web Services and how it works if you want to manage cloud services for your business. Training will help plan your cloud solution, deploy and manage the cloud services you require. Once you have a plan, it is important to learn how to secure AWS for your company using the AWS shared responsability model. What is the shared responsibility model? This is how it works. You would need to secure root credentials, assign security groups, manage access control lists policies, and manage identity when AWS decommissions older storage devices. According to this model, you will be responsible for any security breaches in your Amazon Web Services. It is therefore important to understand how AWS works, as well as how to properly secure and maintain your Amazon Web Services. This is especially important given the different AWS threats. Application Permission – Traditional vs. AWS Options. Amazon introduced “Amazon Metadata Services.” Normally, the developer would need to hardcode passwords to different services when an application requests access to that service. Amazon Meta allows the application to query the metadata service to obtain temporary access credentials. AWS “Metadata Service Attack Surface”: If the AWS administrator hasn’t properly hardened AWS, hackers can compromise the “Metadata Service” and gain root access to the IAM accounts. Security Configurations for AWS: Amazon services allow you to create custom machine images and preconfigured environments for servers you have set up. Do your research and make sure you understand the basics of Amazon Web Services to properly configure AWS for your company and clients. As you learn Amazon Web Services, be sure to keep security in mind. Plan your security policies, permissions and reporting. Check out Jeremy Cioara’s AWS courses for more information on Amazon Web Services. Download