AWS explained in simple, easy to understand terminology

AWS explained. Simple and easy
Amazon Web Services (AWS), which offers cloud computing services, is built on the on-demand computing platform. These include Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud, and Amazon Simple Storage Services. AWS offers more than 70 services. The most popular are storage, database management, management, mobile, and application services. AWS offers large computing capacity faster and cheaper than traditional infrastructure.
What makes AWS different from other vendors?
AWS is vastly more than traditional IT computing vendors because of the following reasons:
Flexible – AWS offers many services, including programming models, operating system databases, architectures, and more.

Cost-effective – With AWS platform, organisations only pay for what they use. There is no upfront payment and no long-term commitments.

AWS resources are elastic and scaleable – Organizations can quickly add or subtract AWS resources. AWS resources can be scaled and elastic to meet customer demands and manage costs.

Secure services – AWS offers security features built into its services. AWS cloud services are designed to be highly secure. Services offer several features that prevent unauthorized access and usage, but still allow customers to have the flexibility they need.

Experienced – AWS technology is well-known and has been in operation for a long time. AWS understands the needs of individuals and organisations to deliver large scale infrastructure globally in a reliable and secure manner.

Physical security – Data centers are physically secured in many ways to prevent unauthorized entry. Amazon is a global leader in the design, construction, and operation of large-scale data centers.

Data privacy – AWS cloud encrypts personal data and business data, and publishes backup and redundancy procedures so that customers can protect their data while allowing their applications to run.

What are the things you should think about before you move to AWS
Before you move to Amazon Web Services, it is important to ensure that your IT plan and business model are in order.
Consider how your organization wants to use cloud resources and how it can be best served by an external infrastructure.
It is important to think about the key questions in technology.

The list of key points will vary depending on your project and business but typically includes the following:
You have your own applications that require greater scalability and reliability.
The organisation’s bandwidth and hardware capacity.
Is the organization seasonal, very busy at times and normal at others?
What can AWS and the cloud do for your IT and business goals?

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