CompTIA Server+ (SK0-005), a new course

This 190-video training by Knox Hutchinson, SPOTO trainer, covers all knowledge systems administrators need to perform all tasks in a data centre, with on-premises servers or in hybrid environments. This is the new Server+ training. There are many things to be said about the technical knowledge on the Server+. But, there is a lot to … Read more

New Course: CompTIA security+ (SY0-601) SPOTO trainers Keith Barker and Bob Salmans cover the knowledge required to detect threats, attacks, and vulnerabilities in the digital world, how to use different technologies, and how to manage risk. This new Security+ training is available. CompTIA’s Security+ certification validates an in-depth knowledge of cybersecurity best practices and principles. It’s essential for IT security professionals. It provides invaluable knowledge for non-IT professionals about how to detect and prevent cybersecurity threats. This 33-part series covers topics like recognizing cybersecurity best practices, detecting different types of security compromises, installing, configuring and deploying network security components, and summarizing app development, deployment, and automation. Watch a video of the series: This series covers the following topics: Security Assessments and Security Techniques. Network Scan Demonstration. Introduction to Security Concepts. 258 videos. Deploy a VM. Download

New Course: CompTIA penTest+ (PT0-002). In this 217-video intermediate-level training, Bob Salmans and Ben Finkel cover the knowledge IT professionals need in order to plan and conduct penetration tests and vulnerability scans. Then analyze the results and make recommendations to improve the results. Finally, they communicate the findings to their team. This new CompTIA Security training is available. Two of the most critical parts of keeping a network secure and safe are vulnerability scans and penetration tests. This PenTest+ training prepares IT and security personnel for how to prepare for and conduct a penetration test. The PenTest+ training teaches you how to analyze the results and create solutions to avoid hostile actors in the future. You’ll also be studying for the CompTIA certification exam. This 33-part series covers topics like planning a successful penetration test, complying with legal and company requirements, and performing vulnerability tests and penetration tests using the right tools and techniques. Watch the video to learn more about CompTIA Security. Download

New Course: CompTIA penTest+ (PT0-001). In this 191-video entry-level training, SPOTO trainers Shawn Powers and Bob Salmans cover the knowledge penetration testers must have to plan and execute a test. You will also learn how to exploit vulnerabilities discovered during the test. These vulnerabilities can also be mitigated by you. This PenTest+ training is now available. Employers will be impressed by the CompTIA PenTest+ certification. It demonstrates that a penetration tester is able to use a variety devices and systems to test for vulnerabilities. This certificate is recognized by employers as a proof of the highest level of skills in penetration testing and vulnerability assessment. It also demonstrates the ability to assess the resilience of systems against attacks. This 29-part series covers topics like how to plan a comprehensive compliance based vulnerability assessment, gather information for exploitation, analyze vulnerability scan results, exploit network, wireless and application vulnerabilities, and perform post-exploitation attacks. Watch a video of the series. This training includes: 21 hours of training 191 videos. Start learning PenTest+ today! Download

New Course: CompTIA Network+ (N10-018)

This 201-video entry-level training by SPOTO trainer Keith Barker teaches network administrators the essential skills they need to manage and administer a network. CompTIA Network+ (N10-018) Training This entry-level CompTIA Network+ training prepares learners for the N10-008 exam. This exam is required to earn Network+ certification. CompTIA’s Network+ certification is one of the most sought-after … Read more

How can I prepare for the Commercial Building Inspector ICC B2 Exam

The International Code Council (ICC), administers the B2 Commercial Building Inspector Certification Examination. This exam is designed to test your knowledge about the International Building Code (IBC). As a Certified Commercial Building inspector, you will inspect structures to ensure compliance with the International Building Code and Standards. Let’s now take a look at some resources … Read more

How can I prepare for the Splunk Phantom Certified Administrator Exam? Blog

Candidates with Splunk credentials are highly sought after and have many opportunities. The Splunk Phantom Certified Administrator exam is the final step towards achieving the Splunk Phantom Certified Administrator certification. The Splunk Phantom Certified Administrator exam is a technical certification that tests a candidate’s knowledge and skills in configuring and installing a Phantom server, and … Read more

How can I prepare for the Splunk IT Service Intelligence Certified Administrator Exam?

Splunk certification programs were created to encourage candidates for their current roles or for the roles they seek as industry experts to improve their organizations. The Splunk IT Service intelligence Certified Admin certification demonstrates an individual’s ability to deploy, maintain and use Splunk ITSI in order to monitor mission-critical services. Splunk IT Service Intelligence Certified … Read more

How can I prepare for the Splunk Enterprise Security Certified Administrator Exam?

Splunk Enterprise Security Certified Admin Examination forms part of the Splunk certifications. It is responsible for managing a Splunk Enterprise Security environment. This includes ES event processing, normalization, deployment requirements and technology add-ons. The Splunk software is becoming more popular due to its increasing technology. This Splunk certification will help you achieve your goals. This … Read more