Apps and Ideas to Engage Students for Success Later

Shawn Orr discusses in her webinar The FUNdamentals of Higher Education what employers want and what students need. She also discusses how educators can bridge this gap to produce skilled, qualified graduates for our communities.
What employers want (from Amer, Soft Skill at Work):
Work productively in a diverse team (76%)
Oral/written communication skills (73%)
Think critically and analytically (73%)
Resourcefulness in solving problems (70%)
Understanding and communicating quantitatively (60%)
Integrity and ethics (56%)
Understanding global cultures and values (53%)
Shawn suggests these resources based on student needs. They are designed to help students learn and be more marketable after graduation.
They want instant access to information
HP Reveal
You can create and use augmented realities in a studio.
Augmented reality app that transforms simple images into interactive experiences.
Anatomy 4-D
An app for augmented reality that allows you to experience the 4-D interactive anatomy of the human body.
Tiny scanner
This app scans everything. You can scan documents, photos, receipts, and even have students submit work!
They want instant access to personalized feedback
MyScript Smart Note and MyScript Calculator
Use equations, images, and sound.
Brainscape Smart Flashcards
Students can create flashcards using easy authoring tools on a website or via their mobile app.
Preparation for adaptive tests
The Adaptive Test Prep is the most popular MindTap feature. They can take a test and find out where they need to be focused for the exam.
This resource is free and supported by a grant from US Department of Education.
They want to be involved in the learning process
Charts that Change
Each team will start at a different chart to discuss the topic or question. A “recorder”, who answers the questions on the chart, will be assigned to each team. After a few minutes, I will direct teams to move on to the next chart. They will then discuss the topic and answer the questions. You can add comments or mark incorrect answers. Each chart will take you between 5-6 minutes.
Photo Scavenger Hunt
Students can use their smartphones to learn more about your campus and course content. (See attached file for an example)
Interactive eBook
eBooks allow students highlight, add notes, etc. Instructors can share notes and highlights in MindTap Reader with students to highlight important parts of content. They can also add video to the text.
Shawn also mentions other tools in his presentation
Poll Everywhere
Involve students in your class. This app allows you to gather student responses in real-time.
Plickers allows teachers to collect real-time formative assessment information without the need for students devices.

Shawn’s complete presentation is available on the Empowered Educator Virtual Event website. You can also find other Empowered Educator webinars.