Apple makes iOS development cool again with the Upcoming iOS 8.

Apple is determined to make iOS mobile development more popular. The company recently showed off its new iOS 8. It will be available this fall. While regular users will need to wait for the release, developers already have the latest mobile operating system from Apple.
Everyone has been raving about iOS 8, particularly the new functionality it offers developers to bring in advanced app features and add functionality between the device hardware, third-party applications. The new iOS is worth a closer look if you’re thinking about a career in mobile development. The new operating system may be even more fun to use than the strong brand, marketing, and all that Apple has to offer.
What makes iOS 8 so appealing for developers?
The new iOS 8 was presented at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference 2014. (WWDC 2014). Developers rave about its flexibility and the endless possibilities it opens up for apps. Apple has opened up third-party onscreen keyboards for the first time. iOS 8 allows widgets to be added to the notification center and gives media apps more access the device’s camera. Apple even created Swift, its own programming language for Cocoa Touch and Cocoa, which greatly expands the possibilities for iOS developers. It allows for faster app performance and more complex features.
Apple also introduced HomeKit, and HealthKit — APIs which will work better with home automation devices as well as with health and fitness trackers.
What does this mean? Apple is clearly trying to compete with Android as the most popular mobile operating systems that offer great flexibility. While the Android certifications map for developers is unchanged, we expect updates to the certification programs that touch iOS development.
Do I wait to get updated credentials or get certified for iOS development?
We don’t see any reason to delay if you have been planning on obtaining your credential this summer. Mobile app development is a highly lucrative career that can earn you over $100,000 in the United States. We recommend you check out CompTIA’s Mobility+, Mobile App Security+ credentials and IBM’s mobile development certificate. You can choose which platform you want to concentrate on from the many options available. Keep an eye out for new Apple certifications as we expect them to be available by the end of this year.
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