Amazon WorkSpaces for DaaS by Ingram Micro Taps

Ingram Micro, a technology distributor, is bringing the Windows desktop to Samsung’s mobile users through Amazon WorkSpaces.
The new Desktop as a Service (DaaS), which was announced earlier this month, is aimed at “prosumers”, Ingram Micro’s term that refers to freelancers, students and entrepreneurs who use their smartphones for most of their computing tasks.
Prosumers need reliable access to their productivity apps even when they are away from home or in an office setting.
Ingram Micro’s DaaS offering taps into virtual desktop capabilities of the Galaxy S8/S8+ smartphones. This was launched by Samsung earlier this year to attract productivity-focused mobile users. The DeX is a complementary docking station that allows Galaxy S8/S8+ users to connect their devices to a keyboard and mouse to simulate a desktop computing environment.
Amazon WorkSpaces is used to deliver Windows desktops to users’ devices. WorkSpaces, which is based on Amazon Web Services (AWS), allows users to easily provision cloud-based Windows desktops, including files and applications, to supported devices.
Ingram Micro uses its own cloud platform to make it easier for users to set up a DaaS environment for mobile prosumers. Ingram Micro claims that DaaS has been limited to enterprises and SMBs due to the complexity and cost of setting up a virtual desktop environment.
Ingram Micro claims it has developed a custom-built Cloud Store to lower the barriers to DaaS. This Cloud Store automates the setup process and reduces the IT legwork.
Ingram Micro Cloud’s technical expertise and robust platform have enabled the Ingram Micro Cloud team to create a simplified and automated solution for Samsung Mobile users to set up and use virtual Windows desktops,” stated Tarik Faouzi (Vice President of Global Cloud Partners and Solutions), in a prepared statement. This collaboration demonstrates Ingram Micro Cloud’s commitment to empower all users and partners by reducing the complexity of accessing innovative cloud technologies.
Ingram Micro will also be offering these DaaS capabilities for its partners. Our US cloud channel partners have access to the full mobile desktop offering, which includes Samsung smartphones and peripherals, Amazon WorkSpaces, and several of our Windows-based SaaS offerings. Ingram Micro Cloud’s director of services marketing Renee Lawrence wrote in a blog post that the solution will be made even easier to procure by becoming available through the US Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace.