ActiveCollab Annual Updates 2021

Another year has passed, giving us the opportunity to review all the achievements and progress we have made. Through our monthly recaps, we like to let you know what we have been up to, how it is progressing, and what we are planning to do next. ActiveCollab’s updates and changes are important to our customers. This post will cover all major releases for 2021. Here’s a quick overview:Easier Activity navigation
New @mention options
New task menu
Notifications for browsers
Task dependencies: UI improvements
In-app chat
Visibility of default clients
New mobile app
Workload in the past
Attachments: Improvements to the UI
Projects page overhaul
Sorting completed projects
My Work Timesheet
Navigation by activity
You can now easily shuffle through your account activity since January. All actions are grouped by day/week and month. We’ll be back soon with more information. You can track every task created and every comment made in your ActiveCollab. For a complete overview of the movement of a project, click on Project > Activity.
This feature is a daily part of our lives and we couldn’t live without it. Prior to this, you could only mention one person per task, note, or discussion. So, when you needed to tag an entire team of seven people, it was a tiresome business.Now, you can use the options: @Task/Discussion/Note or @Here to notify all the subscribers
@Project and @Everyone for all those invited.
@Leader and @Assignee will let you know if they are available that day.
@team-name is a way to refer to an entire team
New task menu
We got another cool feature in February. You can view your projects in either the List or Column view. You need to quickly change an element of a task? You can quickly edit the task list and assignee, due date and label, or estimate using the three-dot menu. You can also mark a task high priority, make it a recurring task or duplicate it.
It is essential to stay informed when you are involved in multiple projects and working with many people. It’s easy to get lost amongst the many tabs on our browsers, which can make it difficult to miss ActiveCollab notifications. We have enabled browser notifications in March to alert you when something new happens.
Customers have often told us how helpful task dependencies were to them, especially when clients set tight deadlines. The Timeline, also known as the. The Gantt view allows you to connect tasks easily. It gets a little more complicated when you use the List view or Column view. You can open a task and create a dependency. You’ll notice that the task list is well-organized (making it easier to navigate), and that you can add a task right away! In-app Chat
ActiveCollab has seen the greatest development since Workload joined the Early Access Program in April. It has continued to grow ever since. This feature is described in detail here. Let’s take a look at the basics of this feature. One-on-one or team conversations
Editing and deleting messages
Muting conversations
Sound notifications
Who is the typing indicator?
Indicator for unread messages
Conversations with custom groups
Shortcuts to new conversations
Reactions to messages
Unread messages email reminder
@mention individuals and whole teams
Marking messages as unread
Chat messages can be used to create a task
Visibility of default clients
It is not easy to include clients in your ActiveCollab accounts. Even if you manage to get them in, there are some things that are only for your teams’ benefit. Sometimes, the box “Hidden From Clients” can be overlooked by mistake.