ActiveCollab – A cost-effective project management tool that is perfect for startups like Trail Digital

Startups have limited resources. It is impossible to waste your time or money. The right project management tool will help you both get more done in a shorter time and save you both money. We talk to Josh Byrne, founder and CEO of Trail Digital, a Cape Town-based startup SEO consultancy. He shares his thoughts about why project management is so important for a healthy work-life balance and the challenges he faced before purchasing ActiveCollab. He had been contemplating the idea for years. However, he didn’t feel it was the right time to launch a business. In the midst of a pandemic, Josh started Trail Digital, a consultancy that specializes in search engine marketing and web design for dentists. Trail Digital is a search engine marketing company based in Cape Town, South Africa. Its founder, Josh Byrne, specializes in Search Engine Marketing and Web Design for dentists. How Trail Digital was founded with ActiveCollab
Josh was recommended by a friend to use ActiveCollab to help him with some of the growing pains at Trail Digital. He was aware of the three main issues that could kill his budding consultancy. These were: 1) He needed a tool to manage projects coming into and going out. 2) Time tracking is essential for billing correctly and knowing if a project is at risk of losing profitability. Trail Digital needed a cost-effective tool to grow with them. Trail Digital didn’t want to pay extra for a part of ActiveCollab that wasn’t relevant to them or that they couldn’t fully utilize in the immediate. I signed up for the trial and have been enjoying ActiveCollab’s amazing capabilities ever since. Trail Digital was able to increase their productivity thanks to ActiveCollab’s automation capabilities.
ActiveCollab’s automation tools can help you increase productivity in your team and get more done in a shorter time. Josh explains how templates help him launch new projects faster. He reduces the chance of mistakes and missing data by pre-populating templates. Josh values automation because it allows him to scale up his business. Automation can exponentially increase the output and quality of a team when it is done correctly. Automation increases predictability, which makes it easier to scale your work with fewer variables and less risk. ActiveCollab makes it easy to run the daily operations of Trail Digital.
It has many advanced functions that are not available on other platforms in the same price range. This makes it superior to some project management tools that cost 500% more. Josh explains that “everyday, I’ll open my ActiveCollab Workload Tab, to view what is on the agenda for today. This I can view in a list, column or timeline format. It’s invaluable when I can see everything from a bird’s-eye view. Once I have determined the most important tasks for the day, I will open my calendar, which is already synchronized with today’s tasks. Josh also finds time tracking valuable, especially in the startup phase. It’s easy to keep track of time and set revenue goals. You can also view your company’s timesheet and keep your accountant happy. ActiveCollab has helped me to track my time accurately, set revenue goals, and view my company’s timesheet. This makes it easy to keep track and keep your accountant happy.