5 Reasons MSPs Should Be Excited About Drones

MSPs have a huge opportunity in the UAV/drones market. It is expected to grow 16.4% annually by 2026 to $58.4 Billion. MSPs can increase their revenue and perceived value by customers by delivering UAV services with success. The market for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and drones is growing. There are commercial opportunities for MSPs as well as solution providers to integrate this technology into their existing offerings. Drones are an excellent topic to discuss with customers. Many may not even know how they can solve their current business problems.
Many MSPs are in the exact same boat, as they don’t know how drones can be used in field. Adam Gittins is the general manager of HTS Ag, and a member on CompTIA’s Drone Advisory Council.
Gittins stated that most customers know a few things about drones and are excited about them. However, after talking with them, they often discover more than they thought was possible. This is a sale of technology in the same way as any other. A customer may want to use their computer for email, but they soon discover that it can also be used to create spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, and surf the internet.
MSPs have a significant opportunity to enter the UAV market. According to a Markets and Markets Report, the UAV market will reach $58.4 Billion by 2026. This represents a 16.4% CAGR. MSPs can increase their revenue and perceived value to customers if they are able to deliver UAV services efficiently.
The Drone Advisory Council has outlined five reasons why MSPs should offer UAV services to their customers.
1. Integration with IT Networks, Systems, and Security
UAVs can be compared to other nodes in the network in some ways.
Robert Dahlstrom, CEO at Appelix and member the Drone Advisory Council, stated that “Solution providers such IT solution providers or MSPs are often skilled in handling data and creating and managing information systems.” They should view drones as a component of the network. A drone is a node in the network and requires MSP support and expertise to set up the systems and secure those systems for the drone node.
Dahlstrom stated that a drone is not a common network node. UAVs are different from other hardware pieces on a client’s network. They have unique needs.
He said that the drone is mobile and can travel in the real world collecting large amounts of data, such as video and images. “Secondly, data from the drone could be transmitted while it is flying via cell phone or other networks or service or it may upload data after it has flown. These unique mobile network nodes require MSPs to support these needs.
2. There are many use cases, applications, and verticals
Drones are being used by more businesses than ever before. However, they’re not always being utilized to their full potential. MSPs can help with that.
“It is difficult to imagine any vertical where UA can provide force multiplication and safety buffers, efficient time use, or provide meaningful services that people would prefer not to do,” Douglas Spotted Eagle, instructor/examiner UAV at Sundance Media Group, and member of Drone Advisory Council.
The most popular vertical markets for drone solutions are agriculture, construction, energy and public safety. However, this is not a complete list.
Gittins stated that drones have proven their worth in providing a view from the sky for many industries. For agriculture, we can see things in faraway parts of the fields that would have been impossible to see previously. Photogrammetry is the process of stitching multiple images together to create a high-resolution map. It provides high-quality imagery at a low cost and allows for high-quality imagery. These maps can be used to analyze crop health and plant density.
Dahlstrom said that offering UAV services to customers allows MSPs the opportunity to show their knowledge of their customers’ industries.
He said that MSPs can now “get out of the office” by providing services to verticals that use the new use cases, such as drones that spray painted structures or pressure wash elevated municipal water Towers. Industrial inspections is another rapidly growing vertical for drones.
3. Get additional services
UAV solutions are not just for MSP customers. MSPs that offer these solutions often find new opportunities. Servicing one industry can lead to new service opportunities in another.
“We quickly discovered that the same photogrammetry techniq was used.”