2022 PMP Certification Exam – Latest Updates about the PMP Exam

Are you thinking about your career progression? Did you know that the ‘PMP’ certification is required for many positions in your career? Are you looking for the lowdown on PMP certification exam preparation? Are you looking for the best ways to prepare for the PMP certification exam preparation? This is the right place to find the information you need in order to pass the PMP certification exam.
What are the requirements to take the PMP Certification Exam
Are you interested in learning more about the PMP certification requirements? Here’s what you need to know:
4-year bachelor degree
4500 hours of experience in project management
35 contact hours/PDUs in Project Management Education

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Even if you don’t have a 4-year degree you can still take the PMP certification exam.
Secondary degree or high school diploma
7500 hours of experience in project management
35 contact hours/PDUs in Project Management Education

What education is required for PMP Certification Exams?
You will need to have completed 35 hours of project management education in order to be eligible for the PMP certification exam. This exam is based on Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK). PMBOK is the project management framework. There are 10 Project Management Knowledge Areas, 47 processes in 5 process groups. These processes cover the entire project management framework. These concepts are essential to understanding before you can take the exam.
How do you get project management education?
Now you know this is the foundation that you need to apply for the PMP certification exam. The next question is: How do I do this? There are a few options.
A classroom session is typically for 3-5 days. It is also known as a boot camp.
If you are unable to take time off for work, attend a classroom session on Saturday and Sunday.

This article explains how to get PMP Certification.
Are you a busy project manager? Uncertain of your availability for the class session? You also say that you need to travel frequently. There are many options available for you!
PMP Online Certification is an option to get project management education. You also have the option to attend PMP Boot Camp Online.
These online certifications allow you to ‘have your cake, and eat it too’ as a project manager. Are you facing a difficult client meeting or an issue that is not negotiable? There are other interruptions that could occur. You can take an online PMP course in this case. These can be done at your own pace, wherever you are. You can work as much as you want and can.

What is the process to become PMP certified?
You want to know how to get to the PMP? Here you go:
PMI.org allows you to create a user ID, and password.
Online application is possible for the PMP certification exam. Fill out the form with your personal information, contact details and education details. You can also add your project experience in each of the five process groups.
Refer to your previous project experience
Incorporate the contact hours information for the 35-hour project management education that you received

PMI institute will send you a feedback asking you to pay the fee for the PMP Certification exam. What is the cost of the PMP Certification exam? You pay $405, if you are a member, $555. After paying the fee, you will receive an eligibility ID and be asked to schedule your exam. You can check your preparation. Are you confident? You can then choose the Pearson VUE center nearest to you and select the exam date and time.
Hint: Are you wondering when you can take your PMP exam? Learn more about the PMP exam schedule, when the next PMP exam will be held and how to schedule it.
What is the PMP certification exam and how do I prepare? How can I prepare?
The PMP certification exam takes approximately 4 hours. You will need to answe