10 Reasons to Start a Scrum Career

Scrum is an agile framework that allows for easy implementation. Scrum offers many benefits for both the company and the team. Professional scrum masters create a more enjoyable environment for his team to work. He knows that when people enjoy what he does, the quality of the product and the possibility for innovation will increase. … Read more

10 Skills that DevOps professionals must have

Technology is constantly changing and new technologies are introduced every day. Developers must stay up-to-date with the latest trends. DevOps has become a buzzword in this highly tech-driven world. DevOps Architects can also be operational engineers or DevOps experts depending on their DevOps skills. Many organizations are now looking for DevOps specialists to help them … Read more

10 Most Popular Interview Questions for MapReduce

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10 GCP Facts you Need to Know for 2020

Google entered the Cloud sphere in 2008. This was back when cloud computing was still in its infancy. At that time, there were only a few cloud players that are still active today. Google Cloud Platform (GCP), unlike many of its competitors in the cloud industry, uses the same infrastructure as Google for its products … Read more

The Best Digital Marketing Books of 2022

Most popular digital marketing books Learning has moved from classrooms to Zoom meetings. There are many sources of information that can make you an expert in no matter how fast you learn, but books are still the best way to learn. Digital Marketing is the use of online resources to promote products, brands, and services … Read more

The best cybersecurity certifications for 2022

Top Cyber Security Certifications List for 2022 – IT Security & Networking What is a cybersecurity certificate? Cybersecurity is a growing concern in this age of advanced information technology, with newer and better solutions, and it has become a major concern for organizations. According to reports and analysis, the first half 2019 saw a 54% … Read more

The Best Certifications for Trending Jobs 2022

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Best Business Analytics Tools for 2022

Business Analytics Tools are products that aid in data analysis and help businesses analyze business strategies. They do this by analyzing the data history of the company to eliminate flaws in planning. Business Analytics can be a great career choice if you consider it. According to the surveys, the number of business analysts on the … Read more

Computer Networking Certifications are important and necessary

Before we can begin to evaluate and understand the benefits and features of computer networking certificates, let’s first define what computer networking certification is. Computer networking certification is a way to understand the basics of networking, network security, troubleshooting, interconnected Cisco devices, and Windows server configuration and installation. It allows you to assess, configure, and … Read more

How to Adapt or Survive in a Fast-Changing Digital World. Is Dell EMC able to answer this question?

When it offers unique and effective opportunities for IT professionals to learn from different levels and directions, Dell is a well-known computer company. Many vendors and certification bodies are offering increasingly relevant and trending methods for industrial accreditation, due to the changes in the IT industry caused by the pandemic and the inevitable transition of … Read more